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Case Studies
VicTrack – Case Study

VicTrack – Case Study

  1. How to keep your team on Track

Lesley Lindsay – Group Manager Customer Relations at VicTrack

Introducing a new management structure into your organisation can derail even the most, high performing teams if how people work is not part of the integration process.

Here, Lesley Lindsay, Group Manager Customer Relations at VicTrack, talks about how BrilliantFIT helps the organisation to understand an individual’s mind to create more dynamic teams.

Focus on strengths

BrilliantFIT’s DNA profiling solution has created a new culture within VicTrack, driving the different behaviour and engagement model that we wanted to implement into our business unit.

When the new group management structure was introduced, we examined the culture and realised changes were needed that would impact the department we worked in. To accelerate change and enhance team communication, company’s need to focus on people’s strengths. And this is what BrilliantFIT does.

When we discovered BrilliantFIT’s DNA assessment solution, we actually requested and received an exemption to engage with the company. At the time, VicTrack was in the process of selecting a corporate tool to improve change processes, practises and culture within the business. We believed the benefits were greater in focusing on an employee’s natural talents and how people work together.

A new way to engage

We have been using the BrilliantFIT solution for just over a year and it has significantly changed how we interact with each other.

As a result of the new group management structure the engineering team and the customer team merged into a customer-centric department. Obviously, engineering is very different to account management and customer experience. The question was, how do we blend these teams together, so they can actually communicate with others?

To make it work, the leaders completed the DNA test which provided greater understanding of themselves, their underlying strengths and how they engaged with other managers in the team. That’s a priority today when you’re dealing with people, no matter what your role.

For example, my profile indicates that I’m risk averse. This means our engineering division and our wider customer-centric team can better prepare in advance of a meeting with me. To mitigate my risk profile, they now develop questions and answers prior to any meeting, making the whole process flow much quicker. They come to me and say: “Here’s all the answers that we think you’d be looking for. Is there anything else that you need?” If not, I can approve it without conducting an hour long workshop instead because all the pre-work has been completed.

Fast-track to better teams

The results have given VicTrack the confidence to conduct the DNA assessment test with the rest of the department, enabling it to change the dynamic of how the entire group works together.

I believe the steps we are taking will make a positive change in terms of expectations, emotional intelligence and engagement. There is no end to this because a business requires process and continuous improvement. BrilliantFIT’s solution gives this from a really personal perspective. It enables people to reflect, and even reinvent themselves if they need to as part of their self-development.

While the focus is very much on individual’s natural strengths, the DNA test also reveals a person’s struggles. It means we are aware of those weaknesses and they can be taken into consideration when dealing with certain situations that impact the team, and our performance.

It’s amazing the difference the BrilliantFIT’s tool makes to engagement within your team. At the end of the day we are dealing with people, and people are people. We need to be able to engage with each other. This is what the solution allows you to do.

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