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Case Studies
Thankyou – Case Study

Thankyou – Case Study

Power & Passion

Ever wanted to make a difference to the world we live in? Make decisions that ultimately help to ‘change the life’ of people and communities in need? Do you believe that a business can be a ‘world changer’?

Daniel Flynn and the other co-founders of Thankyou – Justine Flynn and Jarryd Burns – do. The trio, through social enterprise Thankyou, have a burning desire to change the world. Passion is what drives individuals to want to make a change, and a dedicated team of passionate people, working together towards the same goal, is what turns the dream into a reality.

Here, Daniel Flynn talks about the vision to eradicate global poverty and BrilliantFIT’s role in building a team of world changers.

“We view BrilliantFIT as a Secret Weapon for managing ourselves and our people…”

Daniel Flynn 2018

Thankyou exists to shine a light on the darkness in our world. More than 1 billion people live in extreme poverty. We believe the time is NOW to bring the light – provide life-changing solutions for the millions of people living in poverty. Ultimately, it’s about maximising the impact we (as a business) can have through the funding of life-changing projects around the world.

To make a difference you need passion. You also need the right team – where each individual’s talents come to the fore, and everyone works together with increased efficiency and effectiveness. We had the desire. And BrilliantFit has helped us to develop an outstanding team doing its best work.

Thankyou (as of March 2018) has:

  • Given over AUD$5.8m to people in need
  • Helped get safe water and sanitation services to 556,300 people
  • Helped get food to 134,791 people


Set up for Recruitment Success

You need a foundation to build a great team, and BrilliantFIT works for us as a business. We view BrilliantFit as a Secret Weapon for managing ourselves and our people, to ultimately end global poverty. Thankyou has been using BrilliantFit’s product and services for 3 years, growing rapidly from a trial to a mature investment.

Initially, we wanted to truly understand our biggest investment as a business – People. As a start-up where do you invest money? People are your greatest asset, so you need to make a strategic investment when it comes to employees. Hiring decisions are crucial, and we were employing people at a rapid rate.

Yet, we didn’t always know whether a candidate was right for the role – beyond experience and skills listed on their resume. How will the new candidate work with others? Who do we hire for a certain role? What are our expectations, and can the candidate meet these? BrilliantFit helps us to answer these questions and more. Meaning, we can make a more informed hiring decision. Whether hiring from small or big talent pools, BrilliantFit gives us deep insight into a candidate’s core strengths and abilities as a person.

In the end, BrilliantFit’s solution provides a better understanding of ourselves, our people and our future employees. Not only is each individual’s potential unlocked, but teamwork is enhanced. And, making teams work is key to realising our vision.  


Working better together

Understanding ourselves and each other better enables all of us to produce our best work.  And, it begins at the top.  For example, data from BrilliantFit provided insight in to me as a leader, which has helped the core leadership team work more effectively. Knowing why we think a certain way, helps us to refocus the types of tasks and projects we work on. 

This has been applied across the organisation with great success. Over time, the solution has become a really strong communication aid. Change is a constant in our workplace. And change involves negotiations, even sometimes confrontation. Our investment in BrilliantFit helps to navigate (the sometimes) rocky path of change. It identifies how managers and other staff can best work together for a positive outcome during a continual change.

We have peace of mind that we are investing in technology that lets us make good data-led decisions. This has impacted in who we put in certain roles, on new hires and the expectations we have on people. On occasion, we had to redefine our expectations of people, or we came to a conclusion that we needed a different person in the role.

In the future, data-led decisions will become even more important. As we scale, particularly into new markets. It’s the ideal management solution. We can make good decisions on people and understand how to unlock their potential and manage them. BrilliantFit has helped Thankyou to both grow through the right hires and equipped our team for better results.

“I have seen many different ‘personality tests’ and have never really felt they worked for us as a business. When I saw the BrilliantFIT Strengths tool, it felt like we had struck gold! The DNA assessment has provided an excellent foundation for us to understand each other better, make more informed hiring decisions and work with increased efficiency and effectiveness. Our team has been empowered to do their life’s best work like never before. It has been one of the best investments to our business and I would recommend the BrilliantFIT tool to anyone.”

Daniel Flynn 2018

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