87% of the problems in business
today are people related

In any organisation, disagreements are going to happen. Diverse working styles and differences of opinion can make smooth collaboration and teamwork slightly challenging at best, and decrease productivity or lead to project failure at worst. The better you can handle these challenges, the more successful your organisation will be.

The BrilliantFIT platform assists in eliminating poor communication and addressing differences to create a more productive workplace. Analyse your employees using world-renowned psychometrics, and understand your leaders and teams like never before. Reveal an individual’s natural talents, instincts and preferences, and learn how to engage with them to unlock their power.

The BrilliantFIT Differentiator #1

The Comparison Report

The report brings two people together and shows the direct comparison on all aspects within a working relationship, in order to succeed and thrive together. By breaking down the 8 Talent Factors and 24 Sub-Factor comparisons you are able to understand the uniqueness of both parties. You are able to both cater to, and maximise the strengths and talents within each individual while simultaneously enhancing the working relationship. The report highlights both the areas of greatest similarities and greatest difference and how to capitalise on both, while also highlighting the impacts of different working environments.

The BrilliantFIT Differentiator #2

The Team Dashboard

The Dashboard provides you with access and control to harness and empower the Talent Insights of your people. Unpacking the psychometrics, you are able to see how each individual naturally functions, how they work best, and which areas they do better with help.

From there you can create high performing & agile teams by navigating the difficult situations, as well as employ guided change management & leadership coaching. It’s the all in one for managing your Leaders, Teams and Organisation.

Join more than 2.5M people

More than 2,500,000 people across the world have already benefited from the psychometric survey insights over the last 15 years.

3 Easy Steps to Unlocking Your Teams

1. Discover & Analyse the
Talent Insights

When you understand your employees; you can set them up for success, and work more effectively with them. The BrilliantFIT platform reveals how an individual naturally likes to communicate, what they respond well to, things to avoid and where they struggle.

2. Video Debriefs & Reports

Whether your goal is to learn about, compare or grow your people. BrilliantFIT provides a report and video brief packed with all the data you need.

Every insight opens up a new understanding into an individual’s motivations and actions, allowing you to maximise their strengths and support a personal development plan.

Sample Reports

Summary Report

Coaching Report

Comparison Report

Exec Comparison Report

Video Debriefs

Summary Insights

Expanding on the style that represents each individual, the Summary Report works through all of our natural starting points (instincts). Covering all things from how we naturally communicate, to the environments that we thrive in and where the areas of struggle are.

Coaching Insights

The coaching report highlights the unique talents an individual brings through identifying strengths and struggles across 24 talent zones. It highlights the hidden talents, motivations and validations in each of us and understanding these insights is key for personal growth, coaching and career development.

Comparison Insights

Data can be shared and compared across the organisation to help to resolve conflict and address issues in the workplace. A deeper understanding of how each colleague works best strengthens relationships within teams – particularly between individuals and their manager.

3. Team Workshops & Leadership Coaching

Team Workshops raise awareness, improve communication and drive productivity. When you combine this with Leadership Coaching based on true team data, the learning is exponential for all!

So how does it help me save money?

Create the ideal working relationships for every employee with detailed personal insights at your fingertips. Understanding how an individual works best with others leads to enhanced engagement, people feeling valued and an efficient and productive employee who is making a great contribution to your organisation and beyond.

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