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Case Studies
Shelde – Case Study

Shelde – Case Study

How to build a winning team!

Hiring the right candidate is crucial to building both a great team and a successful business. And this first step is often the most difficult for a business despite the usual glut of talent to fill a role. Too common are stories about mistakes in the recruitment process, costing businesses time and money to employ a new candidate.

It’s a story Shelde, a Melbourne-based digital security and data analytics company know only too well. Bruce Williams, Shelde CEO, recalls times in the organisation’s history when it endured the painful costs to re-employ after a new hire didn’t work out.

Here, Bruce talks about building a successful team and how BrilliantFIT has helped the company to improve its recruitment process.


Determine the best fit

Shelde was founded in 2010, and when we first looked at BrilliantFIT we were expanding rapidly. Like most fast-growing companies, we hired people quickly to meet the demand. Despite booming growth, we made a few mistakes in the recruitment process along the way.

We employed a few people that didn’t quite fit with our business culture, values and direction. The benefit of BrilliantFIT is that it gives us a level of objectivity we didn’t previously have. Now we can determine where a new hire’s best fit is, right from the start.

The challenge for Shelde, and all businesses, is understanding how people work, what makes them tick. It’s the heart of building both highly successful relationships and in turn organisations. With BrilliantFIT we have the confidence we’re hiring the right people and building the right team dynamics for continued growth.


The right hire the first time

Shelde has been a BrilliantFIT customer for two and a half years, beginning with Williams and other executives trialling the DNA Assessment. We were quite surprised with the accuracy of the results, the conclusion of the type of people that we were. It instilled a level of confidence – if it can work us out then it should be able to work everyone out.

So successful has the profiling been that it has become a core part of Shelde’s recruitment process. The DNA assessment enables us to understand the psyche of new hires, what their core behaviour is. This is not necessarily what we would see in the interview process or what the candidate chooses to project to us. Using the profile, we gain insight into what impact the candidate will have on the team. BrilliantFIT gives us the ability to look at ‘fit’ and team dynamics before a hire joins rather than having to fix it afterwards.

For their Head of People, Williams explains the advantages of the DNA test are clear. The insight provided has resulted in better engagement and a greater understanding of how people work together, benefiting the individual and the organisation.

I’m a big believer in self-awareness. As an individual, we have to understand our strengths but also accept our weaknesses or what we struggle with. This is what DNA profiling pinpoints. How we use the feedback and insight from the DNA assessment helps us to build a highly effective organisation.

A sense of self awareness is the first step to building trust. Where there is a strong relationship, you have trust. If you have trust, you have high performing teams and that’s what we see in success companies across the world.


Better fit, better teams

For Williams, Shelde has made great progress in the areas of cost and team dynamics since integrating BrilliantFIT into its recruitment process. BrilliantFIT has helped us to avoid a few issues up from. For one, the cost of having to re-employ to fill a role as result of a mistake in the hiring process. Ultimately, Shelde understands who works better with whom, which is key to creating teams that care about their work and their company.

There are many solutions on the market that take different approaches to psychometric type testing. We found BrilliantFIT the best because it gives us a real-world view of the skills and talents of the people we employ.

Williams also adds that BrilliantFIT is not just a tool for assessing an individual’s fit to the role or even the organisation. It’s a journey of personal development, helping teams to work better together and building the right culture to thrive in your market sector.

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