Hiring the wrong person can cost you months of time & thousands of dollars

The BrilliantFIT platform allows you to act on data and not guesswork to make the right hiring decision for you, every time. Analyse your candidates using world-renowned psychometrics. Assess their strengths and weaknesses to accurately determine not only their fit to the role, but to your existing team and culture also.

The 6 Key Points to hiring with BrilliantFIT

See just how we can transform your hiring experience, by drastically reducing your risk of a bad hire and setting you up to create high performing teams.

Join more than 2.5M people

More than 2,500,000 people across the world have already benefited
from the psychometric survey insights over the last 15 years.

8 Steps to Your Next Successful Hire

1. Advertise Your Job

Advertise your vacancy as usual – making the most of your time, effort and budget. The only difference is, using BrilliantFIT, you have the option to connect candidates to the Talent Survey from the get-go, and discover who is really interested in the role. Or, you can send Platform invites after screening applicants.

2. Discover & Analyse

Knowing more about a potential recruit helps you determine if they are the right fit for a role and will thrive within your company culture. That’s why the Talent Survey uses renowned psychometrics to analyse an applicant’s natural instincts, tendencies and motivations and reveals why an individual acts the way they do.

3. Key Selection Criteria

Personalise the Talent Survey and ask questions about skills, experience and attributes, essential to the role. Candidates select whether they fully, partially or don’t comply, and are ranked according to their KSC fit score.

4. Insight Reports

Talent Summary Report

The fundamental starting points (instincts) for every candidate’s natural Talent scores.

Talent Fit Report

Reveals the Talent Match between the candidate's Natural Talents and the benchmark range for each required talent zone.

Job Application Report

A compilation of all insights
on the applicants ready
for an interview.

5. Interview Tracking

Manage, track and communicate with all of your candidates throughout the hiring process. You can send messages, emails and schedule interviews all from the one place on the platform.

6. Elite Comparisons

Identifying a standout among your top 3-5 applicants is often challenging. BrilliantFIt allows you to measure your candidates with the click of a button. Compare their Talent Fit, KSC Fit and Overall Fit scores to help you make your big decision.

7. Deciding with Confidence

Recognising someone is an excellent fit on all levels before they start can save you from a potential disaster. Armed with all the insights and the Brilliant Platform, you have all the data at your fingertips, to confidently hire the right person.

8. The Jump Start Report

Set the working relationship between the manager and new hire up for success from the beginning. Powerful insights reveal how both individuals can connect to what they have in common and bridge differences, and work together as a team to maintain a productive workplace.

So how does it help me save money?

Hiring the wrong person can cost you thousands of dollars, and countless months of wasted time and effort. Having valuable information in advance to evaluate candidates before making a decision reduces your risks (and stress) significantly. And if you trust your gut on big decisions – BrilliantFIT gives you real-world, quantitative data to back your choice, highlight hiring bias and show you exactly where to invest in each person.

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