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Slide Our online recruitment platform is the secret weapon for finding the next ‘right fit’ for your workplace. Just like our people development solutions, our assessment tool, Talent DNA, gives you the ability to make data-driven decisions and 'know' more about a potential recruit. Utilising psychometric profiling, you can enhance your recruiting process with personal and professional insights into a potential new hire.

Resumes Remove the stress from your hiring process Reviewing applicant CV’s to develop the best shortlist possible is not only a tiring process, which can often affect your judgement. Hire right the first time: Innaccuracy Instincts Resumes Too many résumés Automate your résumé review process Standardise the metrics used to review applicants Rank and compare your applicants based on what's important to the role Inaccuracy Remove the stress from your hiring process People are known to stretch the truth in a job application. Cut through the noise to confidently make decisions: Innaccuracy Instincts Resumes The truth about your candidates Use quantitative data, rather than qualitative information, to review and rank applicants Gain a holistic insight into an applicant’s strengths and struggles Match their talents against role benchmarks Instincts Remove the stress from your hiring process We’re all human, and our natural biases significantly impact our decision making. Innaccuracy Instinct Resumes Don't rely on your instincts alone Let our platform remove the bias for you, so you can understand the data behind the talents Assure your instincts with analytical assessment Identify the critical requirements of the role and match it to the right applicants

KSC What makes BrilliantFIT’s recruitment platform different? Rank applicants based on the criteria you set, specific for your organisation Key Selection Criteria Learn More Automatically eliminate people who don’t meet the role requirements Remove unconscious biases and smoothly determine the best fit for your role Talent What makes BrilliantFIT’s recruitment platform different? Provide a foundation to your hiring practice with data-based insights into every candidate. Talent Assessment Learn More Make informed decisions based on the natural strengths and struggles of each candidate. Measure every 'fit to the role' with industry standard or customised benchmarks VM What makes BrilliantFIT’s recruitment platform different? Gain insight on the values and motivations of each applications based on your requirements Values and Motivations Learn More Easily ensure a candidate’s values and motivations align with your business, reducing the risk of internal conflict and poor performance Kick Start Report What makes BrilliantFIT’s recruitment platform different? Help new hires to hit the ground running Kick-Start Report Learn More Compare the natural talent styles of the new hire and their manager Identifies points of difference and provides solutions to working together Increase productivity and realise better business results faster

Slide Shelde has made great progress in the areas of cost and team dynamics since integrating BrilliantFIT into its recruitment process. Hiring the right candidate is crucial to building both a great team and a successful business. And this first step is often the most difficult for a business despite the usual glut of talent to fill a role. Too common are stories about mistakes in the recruitment process, costing businesses time and money to employ a new candidate... Click Here

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