Talent + Competency = Capability

An organisation is only as strong as the weakest link, so it’s essential to make sure your organisation is on the path to success. Matching the right talent with the appropriate competencies in every role is your strategic advantage. A capable workforce drives the vision and goals of an organisation, allowing you to deliver increased value to all stakeholders.

So how does it work?

In a competitive marketplace, a capable workforce is crucial for ongoing success and sustainable growth. Employees that operate within their talent zones produce greater output, are committed to their workplace, and resilient. Staff who meet the required competency levels are more productive and able to individually and within teams create innovative solutions to change our tomorrow.

5 steps to building a capable workforce

Benchmark Creation

Use BrilliantFIT to help develop the appropriate benchmarks for each role in your organisation and stroll through the assessment process. The BrilliantFIT platform reviews 24 Talent factors to establish the standard, factoring in role requirements to create a range of scores for each element. When benchmarks fall below a fit of 70% individual (and team) performance drops and staff turnover increases.

Discover & Analyse

Get insight into the natural talent ranges of all staff using world-renowned psychometric assessment. Each employee’s talents and instincts are matched precisely to the appropriate standards for the role to determine their benchmark fit.

Competency Assessment
& Development

Identifying and optimising the competencies required to build a capable workforce is critical for achieving business objectives. The BrilliantFIT platform helps organisations determine the required competencies and the respective levels for each role. All employees are measured against the benchmarks with the process having input from individuals, the line manager and an interview panel evaluation, to arrive at a competency rating and areas for future development.

Capability Assessment Report

Do you know how capable your workforce is? BrilliantFIT’s Capabilty Assessment Report combines the talent and competency evaluations to reveal the capability of individuals, teams and organisations. It is the foundation for creating workforces that are capable of delivering on an organisation’s business strategy.

Development Plans Icon

Development Plans

It is critical to support an employee’s performance and development to achieve your strategic objectives. BrilliantFIT helps tailor individual, and organisation development plans specific to the needs of the business. These plans enable your staff to provide ways to grow employees and enhance their capabilities, driving long term value for your organisation.

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