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Case Studies
Intentional – Case Study 1

Intentional – Case Study 1

Make an Intentional hire with BrilliantFIT

Adam Sugihto, Flight Director

For small but fast-growing businesses making new hires can be a nightmare. Often small business owners have little to no hiring experience and employee number one is the first person they’ve ever hired.

Yet, the hiring process is crucial. It is too important to take lightly and is not all about finding someone quickly to fill the position from a glut of available candidates. Hiring the right candidate is vital during the building phase and for the long-term success of the business.

Here, Adam Sugihto, Operations Director for Intentional, talks about improving the digital advertising agency’s recruitment process, and BrilliantFIT’s role in providing essential data to build a great team.

Data equals quality candidates

I started Intentional as a solo founding principle in 2011. For the first few years, I was able to manage the workload steadily as a single-man operation outsourcing where required. A few years in, demand for the business’s services boomed and we needed to grow our team. Since then Intentional has experimented with our staffing and outsourcing model – growing and shrinking the balance of internal staff, outsourced contractors and partner agencies. We currently have a team of six and expect to employ another two staff by the end of the year.

Like with most growing businesses we have made our mistakes in the recruitment process along the way. We hired some people that didn’t quite fit with our business culture and values or reach their full potential in the role.

BrilliantFIT’s Talent DNA assessment gave us the level of objectivity that we had never had before but always wanted. The data collected from the psychometric profiling allows us to identify the strengths and struggles of each applicant and evaluate their suitability to the role.

Our recruitment process is more effective because we can match data with our specific criteria. We no longer rely on subjective data like how we felt about the candidate during the interview. With BrilliantFIT we can easily eliminate unsuitable candidates and ensure only those who are the potentially the best fit reach the interview stage.

Since we started using BrilliantFIT nine months ago we have conducted six interviews with exceptional candidates and made two great hires. Prior to the software’s adoption, we would have wasted far more time interviewing more people for the same role and would have had arguably worse results.

Now we know that the people are quality candidates and it is worth conducting the interviews. For Intentional it’s a big win – we save time on what has previously been a long process and hiring is improved with only the best candidates interviewed for roles.

Data-driven recruiting is the future

A real benefit of BrilliantFIT is the external third-party data points which we can catalogue to transform our recruitment process.

Beforehand we had no data behind our hiring decisions, making it difficult to learn from the mistakes made with previous recruits that didn’t work out. As a rapidly growing business, we needed a solution that provided objective data that we could observe, monitor, analyse and learn from over time.

With BrilliantFIT we can build a data bank of individual traits and criteria that gives structure to our recruitment process. We now have a process in place that allows us to match and put data against potential new hires.

The system can be continually refined with the addition of the profile types of successful recruits – individuals who have proved a good fit. This gives us the confidence that we are hiring the right people who can excel in their role and contribute to the company’s momentum.

Build a better team

In less than a year, BrilliantFIT has changed team dynamics as Intentional continues to scale up. The profiles are extremely accurate and provide insight into the impact the hire will have on the team and how everyone can work better together.

Being aware of potential areas of conflict at the time of hire means these can be taken into consideration and issues resolved before they impact the business. Anxiety and team tension can be avoided, and business operations run smoothly. This is what BrilliantFIT allows and you can’t put a dollar value on that.

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