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Case Studies
Intentional – Case Study 2

Intentional – Case Study 2

Make an Intentional hire with BrilliantFIT

Chantel Carnes – Intentional – Flight Controller
(Operations Manager, FaceBook)

To be honest – finding the perfect job is tough. More often than not it can be a rough ride when navigating the world of employment, whatever your age or experience. Yet, it doesn’t have to be difficult – for the job seeker or the employer.

Here, Chantel Carnes, Intentional Flight Controller, speaks about how BrilliantFIT results in a greater understanding of the way people work together, benefiting the individual and the organisation.

Purpose-driven employment process

Intentional – a Melbourne-based digital advertising agency – has been using BrilliantFIT’s Talent DNA Assessment for nine months to improve its recruitment process and build a great team. All potential hires have to complete the questionnaire with only the most promising candidates or those likely to be the best fit making it to the interview stage.

I was one of the initial hires after Intentional adopted the psychometric assessment for recruits. This wasn’t the first time I’ve been exposed to using such tests to determine a candidate’s suitability to the role. However, past experiences in my corporate life haven’t always been good – some you could even call a nightmare.

For me, an organisation’s recruitment strategy is an indication of how well it treats employees. Intentional’s use of BrilliantFIT gave me the confidence that it was a professional organisation that had structure, and more important, purpose behind their hiring processes. The questions appeared carefully crafted with an aim, and not just created to tick another box or gather an applicant’s personal details.

Finding a perfect fit

Completing the questionnaire can take time. Yet, I was excited to fill out the form because I interpreted it as a great tool to determine who you are and if you truly fit the organisation. Whether you get hired or not, you receive an extremely accurate talent profile of your strengths and struggles which says this is who I am.

What Intentional did really well is clearly define the role and use the BrilliantFIT platform to provide the data to help ensure the right candidate is hired for long-term success. Using BrilliantFIT allowed it to gain personal and professional insights and assess my compatibility with its culture, ambitions and team dynamics.

Prior to any interview, Intentional not only understood my professional skills but also how I communicated and what impact I would have on the team. Armed with this useful information in advance, the company was able to determine how my interview proceeded and the questions asked.

It’s important to understand that as a candidate you’re not just filling out a form. Employers can assess the BrilliantFIT data to identify possible areas of conflict with your manager and colleagues. Being able to foresee potential challenges takes the stress out of the situation and means issues can be resolved before impacting the business. Knowing each other’s talent profile, you can communicate effectively and work together to achieve business objectives rather than waste time thinking, “Oh no, who am I working for?”. This is what BrilliantFIT allows and it is awesome.

Data equals personal development

The data BrilliantFIT provides not only benefits employers. From my perspective, awareness of your natural strengths and struggles before reaching the interview stage is invaluable. You can recognise where your personality adds value to a company and determine opportunities for future development and growth. So, at the interview or onboarding stage, you can raise questions and have intelligent conversations around the topic.

BrilliantFIT can be a powerful tool to understand yourself and how you fit within an organisation beyond the role you are applying for. To get an accurate profile you need to answer questions honestly. Not respond with what you believe potential employers are looking for. Knowing who you are and how you can best work with others is beneficial to a business’s long-term success and this is what BrilliantFIT gives you.

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