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Our Origins

BrilliantFIT - a brand new approach to career development, recruitment and people development.

We took a look at the traditional recruitment process and realised that something was missing. So we decided to do things a little bit differently.

We want to do more than just posting jobs. We aim to awaken collective brilliance for both individuals and organisations. And we do this by understanding exactly what it is that makes our members tick. We delve a little bit deeper to uncover and promote members’ hidden talents – the things that make them brilliant. And then we help them stay brilliant by developing and nurturing those talents, even once they’re on-board.

Right now, only around 30% of the workforce is thought of as being fulfilled in their roles, which means 70% aren’t. This is costing businesses, as well as the communities they serve, billions of dollars. Added to this, it’s predicted that by 2030 50% of the current jobs will have completely disappeared, to be replaced by new roles and opportunities. For the next generation of job seekers, recruiters and managers it could mean a great deal of change. But we believe we can make it a change for the better.

BrilliantFIT are a privately owned company, created by experts in behaviour, technology and talent development. We’re committed to changing the recruitment experience for everyone – whether you’re looking to start your career, apply for a job, recruit someone or have the best new talent working brilliantly within your team.

Values and Community

We believe that being part of a community can play a really big part in your success. That’s why we invite everyone to become part of our own BrilliantFIT community. An online social space where we can inspire and empower you to grab hold of all the brilliant opportunities around you.

As an Individual Member, we can give you the insights you need to apply for job roles that are a perfect fit to your own unique talents. And we’ll continue to support you as you build your career.

As a Member Organisation we’ll bring you only the very best talent and let you connect with and compare candidates quickly and easily in one space, greatly reducing your recruitment time and cost.

In the past, when a new employee comes on board, most other recruitment services come to an end. But not BrilliantFIT. We support Members through on-boarding and offer continuous development both to your new recruit and to your Organisation.

DNA Behavior

Being a global distributor partner for DNA Behaviour International ( is something that we’re really excited about. In fact, we see this partnership as our very own ‘perfect fit’.

DNA Behavior International have been experts in people development since 2001 and their behaviour based products and services add so much value to all our BrilliantFIT community members.

The depth and quality of their insights are something we’re eager to share with everyone, and while we’re initially focused on working with the Australian and New Zealand markets, we look forward to awakening collective brilliance in other markets very soon.

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